Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home, Sweet, Home

We had a great time at home! We left Jacksonville, AR later than we had expected. A lady in the church owns her own salon and she wanted to give me FREE highlights before we left. How could I say no? They took longer, much longer, than I thought they would and we didn't leave until after noon. We got home at around dinner time, unloaded our stuff, and then went to pick up the kids from Nana and Papa. It was SO good to see them! We stayed up late talking about things they had done, and then we went to bed, I was exhausted.

Friday we unpacked and tried to organize the house, Saturday was visitation and things all day, and then Sunday was church, of course! We dedicated Anna on Sunday that 6th. We have forgotten to do it in the past and we wanted to make sure and get it done. We tried to take family pictures but, unfortunately, we couldn't get one. Nobody was in the mood, really, and we couldn't get a picture where everyone was smiling and looking at the camera! We're going to try again when we go back home next time.

That following week, the 7th-13th, was our revival. We had a wonderful week, and we had a good crowd for each night. There weren't a lot of big decisions made, and the altars weren't filled every night but as our Pastor said, it doesn't where the decision was made (at the altar, in bed, in the car) as long as decisions were made, that's what counts. There was a lot of rain, but it was a good week regardless!

That Monday, the 14th, my plan was to do laundry and pack and then clean the house on Tuesday. I had about 6 loads of laundry to do that day. After the 2nd load of laundry and only one sink full of dishes, the water pump went out and I was unable to do anything that involved water! We're hoping to be able to fix that next time we go home. Fortunately we were able to catch rainwater to flush the toilets and Caleb drained the hot water tank so I could wash dishes! The laundry I just stuffed in bags and I washed it here later.

We arrived in Lincoln, AR on Wednesday the 16th. The Brays arrived on Friday, and the men were able to get some work done on Saturday. While we are here we will be building a parsonage for the Pastor. Kevin Alexander and his family have been in Lincoln, AR for a little over a year. They started out in a rental home but when that wasn't working out, the Lord worked it out to be able to build a house on the property. Until that is complete, they are living in the top floor of the church building. It's and attic-type floor with no windows and slanted roofs. They were able to put in a bathroom and outlets for a washer and dryer, but other than that they live in a big living area. They have three children; Ashley is 16, Timothy is 13 and Abigail is 10, I believe. They are a very sweet family!

Just an update on recent projects: it is estimated that Caleb saved the church in E. Wenatchee, WA over $15,000. And the church in Jacksonville was saved $8,000. This isn't to brag or to be prideful, but just to show the need and usefulness of this ministry! A lot of people don't understand and think it's unnecessary for us to be going around and building churches, but when you see those numbers, it's hard to say that it's an unneeded ministry. That's almost $25,000 that can be used for the Lord's work and seeing souls saved, instead of going into the world and the hands of men. We don't know how much will be saved here yet in Lincoln, but in Oklahoma there is a house-building company that charges $45/sq. ft. to build a house. The parsonage we are building here is going to be approximately 2,000 sq. ft. That would be $90,000. NTCP saves an average of 60% off original building costs, so if you figured that up, we will be saving the Lord, and this church, $54,000!! Think of all the money that could be saved, if more men and families would surrender to this type of ministry! It may not be a Salvation Ministry, but it does help further the work of the Lord so more churches can be planted, and more Missionaries can be supported, so that more souls can be saved!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving On

Well, today is our last day here in Jacksonville, Arkansas! We've had a great time, the people have been amazing, and we've felt right at home. But we are ready to go home and see Noah and Kayla! At least I am! Caleb will finish up the bathrooms today. He just has to put in the toilets and sinks and make sure everything drains fine. And then tomorrow we're headed back to Oklahoma.

(closets that will be turned into bathrooms)
We'll be in Oklahoma for a week and a half and then on Monday the 14th we're headed back to Arkansas but this time to Lincoln, Arkansas. It will be our first time using the fifth wheel that we are borrowing, so it should be exciting! We will be leaving Noah and Kayla in Mustang again so they can continue going to school.

(Caleb putting pipe into the ground)

While we're in Oklahoma our church is having our 8th Anniversary Revival services! Bro. Ivan Casteel will be preaching and we'll be having the Nelsons provide special music Friday through Sunday. It should be a good time with good music and preaching!

(mobile classrooms that needed bathrooms)
Please pray for us for safe travels as we drive back and forth. Praise the Lord we had another church take us on for support! We are excited how God is providing for us and that we are able to share our ministry with other churches. Paul said in Phil. 4:17 "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." Our goal of raising support isn't so that we'll have what we need, God will provide what we need! We want other churches to share the fruit of what God has called us to do and have a part in this exciting work! Like Paul says, if we have Christ, we have all. Thank you for your support and prayers!