Monday, January 24, 2011

Well there's not much to update this week. I had my doctor's appointment on Friday and it went well, the Doctor said I could go at any time, so we're just waiting! The baby is abou 5 1/2 lbs so she's still little. I wouldn't mind waiting until the beginning on February to have her, give her a few more days to bake.
We toured the hospital where I'm set to deliver and it's really nice! St. Anthony recently updated their Labor and Delivery section and it's really classy. Almost looks like a hotel! Caleb and I were very impressed and relieved that it's such a nice facility. Since I got a new doctor for this pregnancy, I also got a new hospital!
We were able to pick up our Master CD that we recorded at the end of November. There are a few issues we need to work out but it sounds so good! I know it will be a blessing to people. I was nervous to listen because I knew I would hear all of my mistakes, even if I made them or not. But it wasn't bad. There are 12 songs; 7 that Caleb sing and 5 that the Quartet sings.
Caleb has been very busy since we've gotten back. Last time we were here the empty trailer in the lot next to us burned to the ground. The owner said that Caleb and Josh could take as much metal from it that they wanted, so they were able to take most of the frame to the junkyard and make a small profit. He has also been busy building a shelf/crib that I designed. It's starting to look really nice and just like I imagined! It will fit in our bedroom in the corner. The top (crib) will be removeable so that when she's old enough to not need to be in our room, we can put it on one/half of Anna's bed and she'll still be in a "crib" so she won't roll off or climb out, but Anna won't be restricted.
It's been good to be back but for some reason we always forget how busy a church our size is! And then you add to that doctor appointments and things you need to do when you're home, and we've been busy. But busy is good!

Friday, January 21, 2011

What song is that?

A funny conversation I had to share:

Caleb: (singing a song about "You're not alone")

Laura: (correcting pretty much every other phrase or word with the correct phrase/word)

Caleb: Your Savior

Laura: labor

Caleb: Your witness, Your Faith

Laura: pain

Caleb: You're not Aloneeee!

Laura: It's not in vain!

Caleb: I'm not singing "It's not in vain", I'm singing "You're not alone"

Laura: Why are you singing it to the tune of "It's not in vain"?

Caleb: (pause) Is that why I kept getting all of the words wrong?

Laura: Um....probably....

Caleb: How does "You're not alone" go?

Laura: I don't know, all I can think of is "It's not in vain"

Caleb: (starts singing "It's not in vain")

Laura: *sigh*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting ready for baby!

We made it back to Mustang, Oklahoma safely on Monday. We were going to come back Tuesday but decided that since the baby has dropped, and my contractions are still going, that it would be better to come back earlier, even if it was just one day!
This week we're busy with doctor appointments and church activities but we're also trying to get the trailer cleaned out so we can bring in baby stuff. Babies are small, but they require a lot of stuff! Caleb is making a crib that will fit in the corner of our bedroom. It will have two shelves on the bottom and the crib part will be removeable. That way when she is old enough to sleep in the room with the kids, we can put the crib part on Anna's bed and she will be contained, but Anna won't be restricted. It was an ingenious plan created by me, designed by both of us, and built by Caleb! I will post pictures when he's done. We were able to find some really cute baskets on sale to put on the shelves so that when we travel everything doesn't fall everywhere and have to be refolded.
When we left Anthony, the bathrooms had been tiled but still needed to be grouted. The foyer tile was starting to be laid and they were able to even out most of the ground. Caleb will be going back for a few days a week to help out, probably starting next week depending on what the baby decides!
My 36 week appointment is Thursday so we will see what the doctor says about how far away she thinks I am from delivering. I don't think baby will wait more than two more weeks, I think she's ready to come out! We will keep everyone updated.
I was able to send out our prayer letters after problems with ink cartidges! Long story. So look for them in the mail. If you don't receive our prayer letter and you would like to, please email your church's name and address to me at I have also made a facebook page for our ministry, where I will post updates and pictures. If you are on facebook you can follow us by going to this page and clicking the "Follow" button. You can also suggest our page to other friends that might be interested in hearing about our ministry!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December Update

We had such a great December! So many needs were met, and we had so many things given to us. Christmas Day we had a nice, relaxing Saturday. The kids woke up late and put a movie in to watch, letting Caleb and me sleep in until 10! Then we just relaxed all day and got some things done. A very nice family in our home church wanted to be a blessing for us and bought all of the kids gifts that they wanted! Noah got a green light saber, which lights up and makes noises. Kayla got an art set complete with markers, colored pencils, crayons, glue, paper, art notebooks, and it all came in a neat little carry case. We went to the library and got some "how to draw" books for kids and the kids went crazy, drawing everything they could! It was fun to see them create pictures and have fun with it. Lela got her most treasured possession, a ladybug pillow pet. She had actually been saving her birthday money, hoping to buy one when she earned a few more dollars. So when I asked her what she would buy instead she said, "A dolphin pillow pet!" Kids, I guess they're never satisfied. Anna got a magnetic doodle pad and she loves to draw circles or cover the whole thing with black, and then erase it. She always says "Ooohh...." when she erases it. So cute!
The work here is going well. The Flairtys left for warmer weather after Christmas so Caleb has been painting by himself and with others who come when they have time off. They are also trying to get all of the lights installed and got a good share of that done today. Another man from our group is coming in Friday to start on the tile.
Please pray for Holly Newkirk, the Pastor's wife. She has contracted some kind of illness that has left her legs and upper body numb and without strength. Her skin is also extremely sensitive to touch, like when a limb falls asleep and gets tingly when you try to move it. Only it's all over her body. She is at the hospital in Wichita and they're waiting for test results from a spinal tap to decide what exactly is wrong. They've narrowed it down to three things through some different tests. Please pray that whatever is wrong, is something that is treatable in Kansas, and she won't have to be sent away from her family! She has started physical therapy and it's going well, please pray that she can continue to get feeling and strength back into her legs.
Since not a whole lot has happened to report I thought I'd share some funny things the kids have done or said.
Anna is getting very verbal and says cute stuff all of the time. Her favorite words are: quit, don't, thank you, what doing (what are you doing?), chocolate, juice,no want it (don't want it), daddy, eat. She's also very good at saying the kids' names. If she gets hit, touched, or her toys fall she automatically yells at Noah! Everything is his fault in her eyes.She will also repeat any phrase the kids say!
When Lela unwrapped her pillow pet she ran into her room and announced to her dolls and animals: "This is our new friend, ladybug. She's a pillow pet!" and then her dolls responded with a "Yay! We like her!" She has adjusted well to the stuffed family.
Kayla recently came up to me, with her hair lifts off her neck and said "Look mom, I'm getting a mole like you! I'm becoming a laaaady!"
I'm sure there's a lot more, but that's what I could think of right now! We're leaving here on January 17th or 18th, and we will be home until I'm recovered from the baby.