Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Been a While!

I didn't realize how long it had been since I've posted a blog. Wow! A lot has happened too. First and most importantly, we found out we're going to have another baby! Probably the end of February sometime. We're all pretty excited. Pray for Noah, that either it's a boy or he'll still be alive if it's a girl. He said if we have another girl he just might die! Kayla also informed me that when I have this baby she will get to take care of Anna ALL BY HER SELF! So I might just take her up on that offer. Lela is more excited about this baby than she was for Anna. Probably because she knows what to expect and she's a little bit older now, she can appreciate what is coming.
Another exciting this is that I got a job! I applied for an article with an online newspaper, I got the West Oklahoma City Pregnancy Examiner position. So I write three or more articles a week relating to pregnancy. It's been pretty easy coming up with topics! You can see my profile page here. Please stop by and browse some articles! You can subscribe to my column and get an email update whenever a new article is posted. I've always loved english and writing, and had dreams of writing some day, and so this job is almost a dream come true. It doesn't pay much yet. I get paid depending on how many people view my articles, how long they view them, and how many people subscribe. So until I get a following I won't make very much.
We are still in Anthony, Kansas and still loving it. It is forever HOT and we are always trying to come up with new ways to stay cool. The kids' new favorite way is to turn on the hose and soak themselves. I tell them to go for it, but they can't come inside until they're dry! The building is going slow, but they're getting stuff done. The walls are mostly up, and most of the windows are in. Caleb is starting to put plumbing in the walls so he's excited to be back with the plumbing again.
The kids and I will be going to see my parents in Iowa for a week. We have plans of going to train museums, a drag race, a water park, Kayla is going to learn how to sew, and the kids have major plans of running around crazy!

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