Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Keeping Busy

Work is kind of at a stand still right now. Most of the teams are at the job site in Mississippi and there's just a few more weeks worth of work there. The Brays and Cheeks have gone back to Aberdeen, MD to finish up some work there.

We're still here in Mustang, OK waiting for God to give us some direction! It has been really nice to be home and in our church and able to serve. We love traveling and going to different churches, but there's something special about being home.

Caleb's knee is doing much better, he says he thinks it's mostly healed. He was able to go to Texas for a short weekend trip to put in a shower and he said it was just sore at the end of the day, no problems throughout the day.

We've been able to help out in different ministries in the church. I have been playing offertories and working in the nursery. I'm also filling in for a lady in our Kids Program on Wednesday nights. I'm working with the Glimmers group who are 5 years-1st grade.On Sunday Caleb and I taught the Primary Junior Church, although Caleb was done with the lesson, coloring page, and craft by the time I got in there after playing the offertory! He was also able to preach Sunday night.

So even though we're home and in between work sites, we've been trying to keep busy. Please continue to pray that the money will be provided to pay for my oral surgery. I have to have 3 teeth removed that are almost completely rotted out. I have to go to an oral surgeon because one of the teeth is rooted into my jaw nerve. We also have cavities that need filled.

The end of the school year is in sight! We might even finish most of the books! Thanks for your prayers and support. We will keep you updated on our next adventures!

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