Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready for Fall!

We are ready for Fall around here. The temperature has cooled and we're able to leave the windows open for most of the day, just using the a/c in the afternoon. We even used the oven to make dinner one night! I had to stop and remember how to light it.
We are also ready to start school! I have Kayla and Lela's school work but I am *patiently* waiting for Noah's to come in. At the end of this past school year I really felt like we needed to try a different curriculum. The one we were using was good for traveling and with a new baby, and it worked well for us. But I felt like we needed to try soemthing a little bit more challenging this year. So I prayed about it, looked at a lot of different curriculums, talked to my mom (who is a homeschool expert), and talked to other homeschool moms to see what they use and what works for them. Finally I decided that I would like to use Bob Jones Press. That's what I mainly used growing up so I'm familiar with it and we've been given a few workbooks in the past that the kids really enjoyed. The only problem was, it's really expensive!! Well I decided to trust the Lord and "prepare for rain" so I planned what I would need for the kids, watched ebay auctions and searched Amazon to see what things were selling for. I ordered a free catalog from the company and memorized it! Then just as I knew He would, the Lord provided the money to buy the curriculum AND I found amazing deals for everything we need! I was able to buy full curriculum sets for Kayla and Noah for less than it would cost to buy JUST Kayla's straight from the company. What a blessing! So right now we're just waiting for Noah's to come in, hopefully we will start on August 31st.
We have a few prayer requests, if you could please remember them:
* That we would get more supporting churches so we can officially "buy" this trailer from the Means family, if it's the Lord's will
* For Caleb to be able to accomplish a lot with the building. There's been a few setbacks so the work has been slow, but praise the Lord, he is almost done with the plumbing in the walls!
* The new baby, pray that he/she will be healthy and the Lord will provide for financial needs.
We have had many blessings, the Lord has taken care of us in mighty ways! We have had a few churches take us on for support. Also I am starting to feel a lot better with my pregnancy, I just get sick mostly in the evenings or if I don't eat.
Thank you for the prayers!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

hot, Hot, HOT!!

It is SO hot! That's all I can think about! It's hot when I wake up, it's hot at lunchtime, it's hot in the afternoon, and it's hot at night! HOT!! And it's just now August!

Not many exciting things have happened this last month. The kids and I had a great time at my parents' house in Iowa and did not want to come back, but Caleb wouldn't stop whining so we came back anyway. Turns out he doesn't like the peace and quiet as much as he thought! I am still pretty sick with this baby but I seem to be handling it better and better. I just have to remember my limitations and not fight what my body is telling me. The building is going slow, but steady. I would post some update pictures but everything they're doing is "behind the scenes" and doesn't make a big enough difference to matter! But it's all necessary work.

Anna is walking like a champ now and is cutting more teeth than ever. She has 9 teeth now! The kids are exciting to start school again, our start date is August 17th. I was able to get Kayla 1st grade curriculum from Bob Jones Press for a very good price and my parents were very kind to help out in purchasing it! She looks at the workbooks every day and begs me to let her start! I want to get Noah his 3rd grade stuff from BJP also but I don't know if we'll be able to this year. There are some good deals on Ebay that I'm watching, and if it's the Lord's will, I know He'll provide. I just have to be patient and trust His workings. Lela will be doing preschool again so she's excited too!

I recently was hired by an online newspaper to write articles for them. I am the West Oklahoma City Pregnancy Examiner, officially! I write 2-3 articles a week relating to pregnancy and get paid by how many views my articles get, how long they're read, and if people subscribe. So please check it out!! I left my computer at my parents' house and just got it back this weekend, so I'm trying to play catch-up and get going on that again. The link is: West Oklahoma City Pregnancy Examiner

I can't think of much else that's going on. We're going to Oklahoma next week for our church's VBS. Please pray about our financial situation with this pregnancy. We feel led to not use government assistance, and we are members of Samaritan Ministries (bill share group), but the doctor and hospital aren't cooperating and would rather try to convince me why I should just use SoonerCare than actually get me a quote so I can start seeing a doctor. We want to trust the Lord and depend on Him for this one!