Monday, October 25, 2010

October Update! :)

You know you don't update the blog enough when your browser history doesn't recognize the blog address when you type it in. Just one more thing I need to remember!
We found out we're having another girl! Noah was terribly upset but I think he's used to the idea now. We don't really know what to think. It's always hard for me to imagine another baby in our family, even when we only had Noah and we were expecting Kayla. After every child we have I feel "done" and can't imagine having more!
These last two weeks have been super busy. Last week we were in a wonderful Missions Conference at Anchor Baptist Church in Andover, KS with Bro. Dodd. We've been there twice before and really feel a part of the church. We get along great with the Ivey's, and always have a great time! It was a long drive back and forth but we survived.
This past week we were in Battlefield, MO at Wilson Creek Baptist Church with Bro. Moody. They have an annual Home Missions Conference and they raise support for church planters and other home missionaries. I believe there were around 40 church planters/home missionaries and over $45,000 was raised! It was an amazing meeting and you could really feel the Lord moving. The church is amazing and so giving, taking care of our every need. You can really tell they love missionaries and want to serve as much as they can.
On our way to the church we blew a tire on the trailer. Thankfully it was on the inside so it didn't do any real damage. We were given money to replace that tire and buy four more! So we now have new tires on the trailer plus a new spare. That is a big relief!
As most everyone knows, we have been "borrowing" this trailer with the intent to eventually take over the payments when we had raised enough support. We were contacted and asked if we could take over the payments now, for a few reasons. There was no way we could afford so we just prayed and trusted the Lord. Our church was approved to take over the loan and also the church has worked out a way to meet the payments! What a huge blessing, we are so thankful for our church and their love and support for us. We don't know how we would make it without them.
We still need to raise some more support, so please pray that we can share our burden with more churches and see the support come in! Tomorrow we are leaving to go back to Anthony, KS. There is still a lot of work that needs done, but the end is in sight! Our future is still undecided. We might go to Arizona, we might stay in Anthony until it's time to have the baby, we might go somewhere else, we don't really know. At least I don't! We're just trying to take it one job at a time. All I know is that we will be back in Mustang, OK by the middle of January.