Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September Update!

Since it seems I only update once a month, I'll just call this my September update!

The building is going well. Caleb has gotten all of the plumbing done, so it's ready for drywall. We've had a few teams come back to Anthony so work is progressing smoothly again. Caleb is working on the soffetts on the outside of the building, as well as stringing electrical lines for lights in the auditorium. The men are putting in the baptistry, and there are some other various things to finsih before all of the drywalling can be done, in two weeks

The kids are really enjoying school! It's going well and we can get most subjects done in the morning, saving the more in-depth ones for the afternoon, like Science and Heritage Studies. We alternate days for those so it isn't overwhelming. Kayla still thinks 1st grade is better than Kindergarten but she said yesterday that I'm a boring teacher. I suppose I should try to work on that!

The weather is still warm, although not in the 100's. Our trailer still gets warm in the afternoon but not stifling like it used to!

We were able to go home to Mustang, OK for our church's revival and had a wonderful time! The Spirit was definitely moving during the services and the Lord spoke to many people about revival in their lives. Ours included! The Nelson family came to sing and they are always a blessing. Check out their website . If they are singing at a church in your area, it would benefit to go hear them sing! Bro. Steve Johnson, Pastor in Aurora, CO preached the revival for us and he used simple illustrations that really drove his point home! It is always nice to be home and see friends and family, and to revive!

Well I am 19 weeks pregnant now and we should find out of Monday whether we're having a boy or a girl! We are excited and nervous. Noah is very worried it isn't a boy, he even mentioned selling the baby if it's a girl! I reminded him how upset he was when we found out Anna was a girl, but now he loves her and plays with her all of the time. He paused to think about that and then said, "Yeah, but I don't think I could love TWO baby girls!"

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