Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fifth Wheel for Sale! *Updated with Pictures!!!*

Because of our change in ministry, we are selling our Fifth Wheel.

It's a 38', two bedroom, rare Fifth Wheel with 4 slideouts. We lived in it with our family of 7 for 2 years comfortably, and the family before us that had it had 7 family members as well.

We would like to sell it quickly, and we would give a good deal to someone that is in the ministry. We also have a 1 ton Ford pickup for sale with a trailer hitch, if someone wants a packaged deal!

Please share this link with anyone you know that might be interested in a Fifth Wheel.

My husband's cell number is 405-412-0903, we will entertain any offer!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Keeping Busy

Work is kind of at a stand still right now. Most of the teams are at the job site in Mississippi and there's just a few more weeks worth of work there. The Brays and Cheeks have gone back to Aberdeen, MD to finish up some work there.

We're still here in Mustang, OK waiting for God to give us some direction! It has been really nice to be home and in our church and able to serve. We love traveling and going to different churches, but there's something special about being home.

Caleb's knee is doing much better, he says he thinks it's mostly healed. He was able to go to Texas for a short weekend trip to put in a shower and he said it was just sore at the end of the day, no problems throughout the day.

We've been able to help out in different ministries in the church. I have been playing offertories and working in the nursery. I'm also filling in for a lady in our Kids Program on Wednesday nights. I'm working with the Glimmers group who are 5 years-1st grade.On Sunday Caleb and I taught the Primary Junior Church, although Caleb was done with the lesson, coloring page, and craft by the time I got in there after playing the offertory! He was also able to preach Sunday night.

So even though we're home and in between work sites, we've been trying to keep busy. Please continue to pray that the money will be provided to pay for my oral surgery. I have to have 3 teeth removed that are almost completely rotted out. I have to go to an oral surgeon because one of the teeth is rooted into my jaw nerve. We also have cavities that need filled.

The end of the school year is in sight! We might even finish most of the books! Thanks for your prayers and support. We will keep you updated on our next adventures!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Missions Conference

Our Pastor always says that during a Missions Conference, a church decides how much they want God to bless their church that week. Jesus came to earth to seek and to save those that were lost, and it should be our primary burden as well. And that's what a Missions Conference is for, to remind us what our purpose should be and to help us refocus on that goal!

Our theme this year is "Seeing Things From God's Perspective". Like the song says "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace." When we see people how God sees people, we will reach out to tell them about a saving grace and a God who loves them!

The first part of the week we had two foreign missionaries that we already support: the Rogers family to Brazil, and the Allen family to Papua New Guinea with an aviation ministry. We've known the Rogers since college, and Sammy was even in our wedding as a Groomsman. It was great to see them and to hear how things have been going on the field for them.
We enjoyed learning more about the Allen's ministry. With their airplane they can visit villages that would take 5 days to get to by foot, in 15 minutes through the air. He told a story of one village where they've started a church where the village didn't even have a word for God or good. They had words for evil, devil, bad, and multiple ones at that. But no word for God. But they do now, praise the Lord! They are able to reach tribes that nobody else can reach.

This weekend we've had a Home Missions focus. Bro. Dedmon is starting a church in Springfield, MO after turning over the church in Luthor, OK to another Pastor. 20 years ago Springfield had 30+ IFB churches that were preaching the truth, and now he could only find 4. That's a sad statistic!

We also have the Sullivan family who are going to be starting a church in Maine along the coast. He preached a message on seeing Hell from God's Perspective and it was powerful! We had four people saved that night! God was really moving in hearts.

Tonight we will be collecting Faith Promise cards and getting a rough total for support for the year. Last year we pledged $69,000 for the year and we're on track to meet it. God is an amazing God who always provides if we have faith in His promises. We're excited to be able to take on more Missionaries to help spread the Gospel further into the world.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 2012

After a mostly uneventful two-day trip we finally made it to Mustang, Oklahoma to our home church. We were able to leave Carson, MS at our scheduled time and encountered a rain storm not even 5 minutes after leaving, so we left right on time! It would not have been fun to try to pull the fifth wheel out while it was raining. We stayed the night in Kilgore, TX at a campsite and then we were able to get going early the next morning. We thought we would bypass the Dallas traffic by going around Dallas, but I don't think we bypassed any traffic! It was stop and go, changing speed limits, going through towns, the whole way. But we did make it! We will be home for about a month, depending on where we're going next and when they're ready for us to come. Next week is our Missions Conference and we're pretty excited! Missions Conferences are when a church decides how much they want to be blessed that year. Missions is the life of a church, you can't grow if you're not reaching souls and Missions is the way we can reach people around the world. Our church was also able to buy a brand new baby grand digital piano and I (Laura) was blessed enough to be the first to play it. When we left in December the church started a campaign to raise money for a new piano and it was really exciting to see the campaign finished by the time we got back. What a great testimony to the church for their faithfulness and desire to see the church improve! It looks great on the podium and sounds even better. Please continue to pray for Caleb's knee. We're pretty sure he only sprained it since it didn't swell very badly and it only hurts if he's on it for too long. But it is still giving him problems, probably because he can't seem to stay off of it for very long. Both of us have a lot of doctor appointments, we are definitely getting old! When we left Carson, MS all of the framing in the second half of the building was done with sheet rock on most of them, including insulation. There is a second floor for storage and heat and air. All of the electrical in the second half is done. All of the plumbing is in the walls. Two families are staying behind to get some more work done, the goal is to have all of the sheet rock and walls done, including mudding and taping. This would just leave flooring and finishing to be done by the church. We were also able to help with some demolition on camp buildings. We will let you know where we're going next as soon as we find out!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pictures from Carson, MS Cherith Baptist Church

Caleb doing mudding in the women's bathroom
In the auditorium facing the classroom/office part of the building.
Murph and Al "working".
Fellowship Hall
Stall in Men's Bathroom
Auditorium half. They are using this half for a garage sale to help raise funds for supplies.
Attic room for supplies or an extra classroom.
Classrooms and Offices. (currently the break area)
From the Fellowship Hall looking at the Upstairs Room.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Update

Work is slowly progressing here. The walls are all up, including the upstairs portion. Caleb has started running the wiring and setting in the plumbing. Nothing too exciting is going on, just trudging along! It's been very wet, humid, and warm and it's making Caleb's bronchitis flare up. It's also making our allergies act up, but thankfully the mold issue is mostly under control! Thanks for the prayers, and I will try to get some pictures posted!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rain, Mud and the Great Outdoors

I don't know if I've clearly explained to everyone our situation here or what works needs done. I'm not exactly clear myself, which might be why I can't seem to explain it right. But I'll try to help everyone understand in this post. Bro. Andrews and his family started a Baptist Youth Camp here in Carson, MS in the mid-90's. I'm a little fuzzy on the details from then until now but I know it was a fully functioning camp but I also know he Pastored a church for a while as well. A year or so ago they moved to the camp full-time and started a church here, since there is no church in the immediate area. They have been meeting in the Chow Hall building which has an open fellowship area (which is currently being used for services); a large kitchen; pantry area; and Missions Apartment with a full bath in the back, which is now being used for classroom space. They would like a church building of their own and have been able to put up a steel building and outside walls already. They don't have a lot of money and the work is a pay-as-you-go situation, but the men are able to put up walls and get started on plumbing and electrical. Having somewhere to park our trailer during the Winter months is a high priority when you live in a Fifth Wheel. Even if you have a "Four Seasons" trailer, your pipes can freeze easily and it's dangerous to live somewhere that gets very cold. With the Pastor allowing us to park here we are all able to have a semi-warm place to wait out the Winter and we can pay them back by doing some work as well. We are not expecting any of our usual "suggested requirements" like a meal a day, a love offering to get here, etc because of the situation. We already have 3 NTCP families here; Al and Mickey Bray, Jerry and Sandra Cheek, and ourselves. More should be coming this week; Ray and Susie McCullough, and the Murphy family. We are extremely thankful for this warm place to park, and also for the church's generosity toward us so far! It's a small congregation but the Lord likes to use the little things to do great things. There is a lot of mud here, since the Winter is the rainy season down here. Also please pray for some of the men, the cold humid weather is not easy on their lungs and Al and Jerry have already caught bad colds. We also have several leak situations that are quite frustrating! But all in all, God is good and we are enjoying being in the country.