Monday, December 15, 2008


Well, we've been in Washington for three months, and we've finally seen snow! We're in Auburn, WA which is just south of Seattle, and there's a light dusting of real snow here. Not tiny little ice balls, not white ice, but snow! I opened the window in our hotel Sunday morning and showed the kids and they absolutely freaked out! So we got dressed in our warmest church clothes and went to the van to go to church, and they were so excited to touch snow! I felt bad for my poor little Southern kids. Everytime we were outside and they saw snow, they HAD to walk in it and get it all over their feet. I thought about yelling at them to get out because their socks were going to get all wet, they would track snow into the van, etc. but I decided to let them have their fun. We're leaving Washington in 2 weeks (WHOO-HOO!!) and who knows when they'll see snow again! I'll try to take pictures today, if it doesn't melt by the time we go out.


Sarah said...

We're supposed to be getting 3-4 inches of snow tomorrow. We'll see what we get -- it is -4 outside though so it is not fun to be out in the snow if we get it! And yes, we got the Wii fit and Wii Mario Cart also -- it is SO much fun. You guys have to come over next time you're in town.

Barry, Megan, Jonathan, Joshua & Zachary Welch said...

We have snow here in KS. 3 inches last night.

Carter Family Deputation Adventures said...

Well we got even more snow! So today Noah played in it with some kids from the church. He had so much fun!