Saturday, June 26, 2010

After taking almost two months, all of the roof trusses and OSB sheeting are finally on the roof! Bro. McCullough, Bro. Cannon, Bro. Newkirk and Caleb worked steadily today and finally got it finished! The roofers are coming on Monday at 6am to start putting on the actual roofs which means the men can focus on doing other things. What things, I don't know! I'm assuming something with the walls, but I don't know for sure. I just watch and report on what I see get done.
This week it has been super hot and it isn't even July yet. I'm not sure if we'll survive the next two months! I have started making dinner in the crock pot and I'm hoping Caleb will be able to take the time to make a Solar Oven, so I don't have to use the oven in the trailer. We either have to be frozen in the morning until about 11pm so it stays relatively cool (around 80*) during the afternoon, or suck it up and endure the warmness in the afternoon until about 7pm. Our poor a/c works on high for most of the day, going continuously. I pray every day that it keeps up and doesn't quit on us! In the afternoons we try to either go somewhere and do something, take naps, or watch movies. Any kind of activity is almost unbearable! I know, we're such wimps, we are grateful for the fact that our trailer is less than 90* during the day when it could be over 100* like outside! The kids and I like to go to the library, or walk around Alco, or even just going to a park and spreading out a blanket is preferrable to being in the trailer when it gets so hot.
God has blessed us in so many ways. We've gotten random love offerings, had food given to us, and I've gotten into contact with some friends I haven't talked to in years! There is definitely hope for the future and I love it when the Lord allows us to see a little bit of His glory to keep us going. We have started to have family devotions in the morning, something we are very bad about keeping going, and the kids have been very receptive in hearing the daily devotion. We are teaching Anna, who is 1 year old now, to sit still on my lap. She is doing well and only squirms a few times in the 15 minutes it usually takes us.
Thanks for all of the prayers and thoughts! We love to hear from people, so leave a message or comment!

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