Tuesday, December 14, 2010

November Update, and some December

November just flew by! We started out the month by visiting my parents in Iowa for a week. We had a blast, and mom and I were able to get some sewing projects done. My nephew Jacob also stayed with us for a few days, and he and Noah holed themselves up in a room playing with Lego's! Noah enjoyed the boy time. We went back to Anthony for a week, and then packed up and went home to Mustang for Thanksgiving. We were there for almost three weeks getting some things done. Caleb and his brother Josh were able to get the storage building boarded up and ready for winter, then they transferred our stuff out of the bus (Praise God!) and into the building. Caleb was able to do some repair plumbing work for a widow in our church that had bought a house. We also were able to get a cd recorded! 7 of the songs are Caleb singing with me playing the piano, and 5 are of the Quartet singing which is Caleb, Josh, Rochelle, and Andrea. We should have the cd available at the beginning of the year, please pray that we can get the money together to pay for the printing and wrapping.
We have been blessed immensely these last two months! We were able to buy a van for exactly the amount we had in our savings! We have been praying and looking for a minivan that has low miles, good engine, and will be able to travel where we need to. We were able to buy a '96 Ford Windstar from an elderly lady in our church that didn't feel safe driving anymore. It had 86,000 miles and was very well taken care of. We hadn't told anyone (except our Pastor) how much money we had to buy a minivan, but she called and quoted the exact amount that we had. We knew it was from the Lord. We have also had winter coats given to us for the kids, and money provided to buy new ones. The church in Anthony surprised us with gifts on Sunday. They bought Caleb a tripod for his leveling laser, and they gave me a Visa gift card! I was able to buy a new maternity winter coat, something I really needed. They also surprised me (and the other women in our group) with a very thoughtful gift basket which included good-smelling soaps and lotion, a robe, blanket, chocolate, flannel sheets, and other goodies. What a blessing! The church here has been overwhelming to us in meeting our needs.
The building project is going along smoothly. The walls are up, drywalled, taped and mudded. Now the men are painting and when that is finished, Caleb will begin laying tile. He got the electrical all finished so he's relieved about that! We will be here until January 17th, then we're heading home to have this baby! My due date is February 17th so we wanted to be home in plenty of time. We might even be able to come home a week earlier to go to the Heartland Home Missions Conference but that depends on how much work is left here, since that is our first priority. Hope you all are having a safe pre-winter and are enjoying your time with family! God bless!

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