Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The CD's have arrived!

Yes, we got the word today that the CD's have arrived in Mustang at our home church.
We are going to now figure out a smooth system for getting them ordered, paid for, and shipped so everyone gets what they ordered.
Because I (Laura) am so OCD and have to have a plan and a system, I really just want to do it all myself. I'm sure some of you will completely understand!
The CD's will be a donation of $10/CD. There are 12 songs; 7 sung by Caleb and 5 sung by The Lighthouse Quartet.
If you just have to get your order(s) in, please email me at, letting me know how many you want. Then I will email you back with info on how to pay for them and I'll work on getting them shipped.
Thank you all for waiting so patiently! This has been a learning experience, for sure.

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