Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well, there went May! Not sure how that happened. We went home to Mustang, OK for a week for a few doctors appointments, and then stayed for a Sunday. We didn't take our trailer, we were able to stay with Caleb's parents for the week. The kids had a lot of fun being with Nana and Papa and we enjoyed the much larger space to spread out!
We also got to meet some of our new neices and nephews. Caleb's sister Andrea and her husband Matt are adopting five siblings. The two boys have been living with a foster mom who goes to our church, so we've known them for a few years, but we got to meet two of the girls and we really enjoyed it! Unfortunately we didn't get to meet the youngest girl yet, but we're hoping to next time we're home. It's so exciting to finally see this adopting going through and finalizing. It's been a long, hard process but the Lord has been good to them through it all.
As far as the building goes, it is so close! There are just a few things to button up and get finished. They are hoping to have their first Sunday in the building this Sunday. I think it depends on an inspection and occupancy approval. It was supposed to be done Wednesday.
We are leaving here on the 11th for good. We're going to Omaha, NE to work at West Omaha Baptist Church. Caleb will be helping remodel a rental facility. They're making bathrooms larger and changing some walls to accomodate an auditorium and classrooms. We will be there about a month.
We still have CDs to order! They are ready and available. Just email me at if you're interested in ordering some.

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