Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We left Centropolis on Thursday and headed to Andover, KS where Caleb fixed the shower for Bro. Dodd and looked at the kitchen drainage issue at the church. We then headed to Anthony, KS where we spent the weekend. Caleb was able to help with some electrical issues and get started on a cabinet that will go in the front entry way. We had a good time at both places and we were excited to learn that Central Baptist Church in Anthony, KS voted to take us on for support! This is not only exciting for us because we gained a new supporting church, but it is a true testimony of the church's growth since the building project has been completed. We were more excited that they have seen such good growth and were able to take on a Missionary, than we were about being that Missionary. But we will take the money still. We are now in Mustang, OK at home for a little bit to enjoy Thanksgiving and get ready for our next job site in Mississippi.

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