Sunday, March 11, 2012

Missions Conference

Our Pastor always says that during a Missions Conference, a church decides how much they want God to bless their church that week. Jesus came to earth to seek and to save those that were lost, and it should be our primary burden as well. And that's what a Missions Conference is for, to remind us what our purpose should be and to help us refocus on that goal!

Our theme this year is "Seeing Things From God's Perspective". Like the song says "Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace." When we see people how God sees people, we will reach out to tell them about a saving grace and a God who loves them!

The first part of the week we had two foreign missionaries that we already support: the Rogers family to Brazil, and the Allen family to Papua New Guinea with an aviation ministry. We've known the Rogers since college, and Sammy was even in our wedding as a Groomsman. It was great to see them and to hear how things have been going on the field for them.
We enjoyed learning more about the Allen's ministry. With their airplane they can visit villages that would take 5 days to get to by foot, in 15 minutes through the air. He told a story of one village where they've started a church where the village didn't even have a word for God or good. They had words for evil, devil, bad, and multiple ones at that. But no word for God. But they do now, praise the Lord! They are able to reach tribes that nobody else can reach.

This weekend we've had a Home Missions focus. Bro. Dedmon is starting a church in Springfield, MO after turning over the church in Luthor, OK to another Pastor. 20 years ago Springfield had 30+ IFB churches that were preaching the truth, and now he could only find 4. That's a sad statistic!

We also have the Sullivan family who are going to be starting a church in Maine along the coast. He preached a message on seeing Hell from God's Perspective and it was powerful! We had four people saved that night! God was really moving in hearts.

Tonight we will be collecting Faith Promise cards and getting a rough total for support for the year. Last year we pledged $69,000 for the year and we're on track to meet it. God is an amazing God who always provides if we have faith in His promises. We're excited to be able to take on more Missionaries to help spread the Gospel further into the world.


Kendra said...

We were with the Sullivans in Fritch, Texas! Such a nice family!

Sarah LeClercq said...

Praise the Lord for a wonderful Missions Conference!