Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fifth Wheel for Sale! *Updated with Pictures!!!*

Because of our change in ministry, we are selling our Fifth Wheel.

It's a 38', two bedroom, rare Fifth Wheel with 4 slideouts. We lived in it with our family of 7 for 2 years comfortably, and the family before us that had it had 7 family members as well.

We would like to sell it quickly, and we would give a good deal to someone that is in the ministry. We also have a 1 ton Ford pickup for sale with a trailer hitch, if someone wants a packaged deal!

Please share this link with anyone you know that might be interested in a Fifth Wheel.

My husband's cell number is 405-412-0903, we will entertain any offer!!


Joe Marshall said...


We are missionaries in Australia and are coming back on furlough. We would be interested in getting more details and prices. We can be contacted at I will try to call my Friday night which is your Friday morning.

We are looking at buying a truck and either a 5th wheel or camper. We have a family of 5, but my mum or father-in-law are planning to travel with us a bit at different times, so the extra room would be nice. How many does the truck seat?

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Joe Marshall

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