Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nice people are still left in the world!

On Monday we were traveling back from Burns, Oregon. We had to go through lots of mountain passes and winding roads, after because I was feeling incredibly nauseous and Kayla threw up (again) after about an hour of driving, Caleb decided that NOBODY was getting anything to eat or drink until we were through the mountains and in Pendleton, Or. It was about a 3 hour drive, and we didn't get there until 1:30. Thankfully, the kids slept for most of it so they didn't complain a lot about being hungry. Because they were so good, we decided to stop at McDonalds because it had a big play place. While Caleb was getting the food I took the kids to the play area, and I started talking to a dad that was watching his little girl play. We talked about kids, and traveling. It turned out that they had driven up from Burns, Oregon the night before! So that was a neat coincidence. He told us about the things they had done, and we talked about our travels. When his wife came back to the play area, he left for a little while and came back with some rocks. He told us they were Obseidon and he explained to the kids about lava, and it cooling quickly and turning to glass. He told us they found a field that had so much Obseidon that it looked like glass all over the field! So he was so kind and gave the kids each their own rock. They're pretty cool rocks, and the kids were so excited. Before they left Caleb gave them a prayer card and he made a joke about his neighbors all trying to convert him! But they were so nice and it was great to be able to talk to random people and have a good conversation. It was so incredibly nice for him to give the kids those rocks!

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