Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yakima Missions Conference

This week was the Home Missions Conference in Yakima, Wa. Pastors from all over Washington State come and give money and help to missionaries and new Pastors. It was amazing to be there and to see people get help and support. We got to see a lot of friends from college, and all of their babies! We're getting so old, and we all have tons of kids! We stayed with the Harrells in their home and they were so nice and generous to us, made us feel right at home. The first night we didn't get out of the service until after 10:30 and I realized that was early! The rest of the week we didn't get out until after 11pm.

They had great programs for the kids. For kids 4-4th grade (Noah and Kayla) they went to a pumpkin patch, corn maze, petting zoo, went on a hayride, and all kids of stuff on Wednesday. Then on Thursday they were to a place called Kids Kastle (I hate changed spelling so it's "cute") which I guess is a huge Burger King play place. Kayla lost her sock in the ball pit, but Praise the Lord the other kids helped her find it! That's all she could tell me about the day. They also would go to a park to play, eat lunch, learn a Bible lesson and do a craft. We didn't get them back until 4pm! We just had Lela for lunch and all afternoon. She definitely loved it, but she missed her brother and sister.

The best part of the week was meeting another NTCP family, the Kroekers. Well, we actually only met Bro. Kroeker and their son, but it was still nice to meet them! We definitely felt a kindred spirit and an instant connection. We've heard about the Kroekers because they're "the other young family" in the group even though Bro. Kroeker is probably 15 years older than Caleb! haha Caleb and Bro. Kroeker were able to present their ministry on Thursday night and they got a good reception, I thought. They did a great job explaining the need for the ministry and how it works. They took up an offering for them and Bro. Brown and Caleb and Bro. Kroeker pass the plates! It was so funny because it's harder to keep your money in your pocket when the person you're giving to is passing the plate!

Well, we had a good week but everyone was so exhausted, especially the kids. Caleb stayed out until 3am every night having "Melowship" with the other men. That's when all the men go to Mel's Diner and eat steak tips and eggs and drink coffee. Yuck! I'm glad I had to take the kids and put them in bed!

We're in Tonasket, Wa right now, staying in a motel. It's definitely the scariest place we've stayed yet, but God will take care of us! The motel is a gas station/laundromat/grocery and motel and I think all the Mexican orchard workers are doing their laundry right next door tonight. Tomorrow night we're going to be in Oroville, Wa which is about5 miles from the Canadian border! The Pastor's backyard is actually IN Canada. He's promised to take Caleb fishing for trout, and he said they get up to 20 lbs up there. Caleb's pretty excited! He loves to fish but never gets to. It's so cold here, even in the middle of the day, but it's beautiful and we're having a good time. Thanks for praying for us!!!

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