Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's a Girl!

FINALLY, I am able to post this! For some reason my computer hasn't been letting me post a blog, so I haven't been able to update it. But, now I can. We found out on April 13th that we are definitely having a GIRL despite predictions from almost everyone (including an old Indian lady in New Mexico) that we were having a boy! She is very healthy, growing well, and has her organs all in the right places. We were a little disappointed since we wanted a boy, but we're just happy to find out what she is! So I've been buying clothes like crazy and a few of my friends have been giving me stuff. The Lord has been good with sales, and good deals at thrift stores! We have numerous pictures of her, but I'll just post one. The name we have picked out is Anna Lauren after my Grandma Anne and my friend Lauren, who was my Maid of Honor. We recently connected again and I cherish her friendship!

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