Monday, May 11, 2009

Prayer for the Baby

Last week we went to Lindsborg, KS to be in a Missions Conference. We were supposed to be there from Saturday night to Friday morning and then we were going to stay in Wichita Friday night and go to my sister Julia's College Graduation and head home late Saturday night.

Sunday morning I wasn't feeling well at all and only a tad bit cranky! By the time the afternoon service started I was feeling very poorly and noticed I was having some serious contractions. After the service I laid down at our hotel for a little over an hour and drank a ton of water. I was still having them so after talking to the hospital, my mom and most of my friends on Facebook, we decided to go to the hospital.

They put me on Brethine to calm my uterus and when I only had one contraction in an hour, they let me go. The next day I called my doctor and she said to take the Brethine every six hours and that we could stay in Kansas, but to go to the hospital if the contractions started again.

After talking to the Pastor (Chris Matthews) we decided to leave Tuesday morning for home. Caleb was able to present our ministry on Monday night and the church was very gracious and understanding about why we had to go! We made it home Tuesday and my doctor put me on bedrest.

Saturday we decided to still drive to Wichita to see my sister graduate, since it is only a three hour drive. The day was great, I had a wheelchair, plenty of people to watch the kids, and there was always someone around to get me what I needed! My entire family was there; my parents, all of my siblings, all the neices and nephews, and we had a blast! I love my family and I love being around them!

So if you could please pray for us. I'm not allowed to do anything, just sit or lay down and drink water. This means that Caleb has to do everything including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and taking care of the kids. Plus he has responsibilities for the church and other things that he has to do. Please pray for him that he can handle it all and not take on too much! Pray for baby Anna too that she will wait a couple more weeks before she decides to come out. I'm 35 weeks today so in two weeks I think I could have the baby safely. Please just pray that I can last those two weeks! This medicine makes me a little bit crazy. It makes me swell, shake and my heart race.

Thanks for the prayers!

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