Friday, November 20, 2009

Almost finished!

The house here in Lincoln, Arkansas is almost complete! The target date for completion is December 11th and if everything goes right (haha!) it should be done by then. It is looking really nice and it's exciting to see it all come together! I wish I could get some pictures posted but right now I'm not able. As soon as I can, I will!
We were able to go to Iowa for two weeks. My parent's church- Bible Baptist in Glenwood, IA- is trying to remodel a house into a Sunday School building so Caleb was able to go to put in windows, make some suggestions, and do some small repairs. While we were there we got to stay at my parent's house! We had a great time, Grandma made some new pjs and dresses, the kids got to run around and play with Grandpa, and we got to spend time together. It's such a blessing to have parents who always leave their home open to you, no matter when it is! We just have to tell them when we'll be there and they leave the door unlocked!
Next week we are going to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. The Monday after we will be coming back to Lincoln to finish up a few things, and then heading to Russelville, AR. The Pastor there was able to buy a 2million dollar building for $600,000.! It was a sports complex so there is a lot of room for a church to grow! A Private school was renting the building and they build classrooms, so all they need is an auditorium and some plumbing issues solved. We will probably be there for most of the Winter.

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