Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Place

Well we are now in Russellville, Arkansas converting an old Sports Complex into a Church! The men are going to be building an auditorium, finishing classrooms, expanding the kitchen and building a Fellowship Hall and making a Missions Apartment upstairs big enough to hold two families. It will also have a washer/dryer! (that's exciting when you've lived in missions apartments for a year!!) More families from NTCP are coming this next week and the work will resume after Christmas. It should only take about two months to get the job finished.
Our family is doing great! Noah is speeding through school, he tries to get done as fast as he can so he can help pick up nails or so he can play his Lego Star Wars game! Kayla is doing great at school, she's started recognizing how to put sounds together to form words. She likes to guess at what the words are, though, so I have to be careful and make sure she's actually reading, not just guessing. Lela is a big girl now, she turned four on the 1st. She doesn't want to do anything little anymore, she wants to be big! Today we went to the park and she refused to go down the little slide, she wanted to go down the BIG slide with Noah and Kayla! It's amazing how fast kids grow. Anna is our littlest baby so far, but she has big attitude! She smiles almost constantly, we can even get her to smile while she's crying. She's starting to try to crawl, she gets up on all fours and rocks and growls, but she hasn't figured out the arm movements yet!
We're having fun living in our trailer still. It's amazing to think of how much room we used to require, and now we all (somewhat) fit into this small trailer. But the Lord is good to us, and when you know you're doing what God wants, it's easier to adjust to what that life is for you.
We've met some good people and made some new friends. We were sad to leave the church in Lincoln, they felt like family, but it's exciting to look forward to the new people we're going to meet!

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