Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life is moving here in Russellville! The men are working hard and getting things done. They've had to make a few adjustments and changes so there was a slight holdup, but they're working with a plan now! We've been blasted with several snow storms! It seems like wherever we go, we get record snow falls. But the kids love it, and we love being parked inside.
School has been going well for us, I made a daily schedule plus a chore chart, so we are getting things done. Kayla is ahead in her work, and doing well. She is starting to put sounds together to make words. She can read words like cat, tub, and shut. As long as she doesn't try to guess what the word is, she does a great job! Noah is cruising through his work. He will start times soon and he's dreading it, but I tell him that he mastered cursive, so he can do multiplication too! Lela thought she wanted to start school, but then she discovered that school wasn't as thrilling as she thought it would be! I bought her a preschool book at Walmart and she quickly got tired of the coloring and drawing lines, and now she only wants to cut and paste!
Anna is amazing us all. She is crawling, climbing stairs, trying to climb onto the couch and getting into everything! She is very inquisitive and wants to know what everything does and how it does it! You can see her brain working and moving.
We will be going home to Mustang, OK for our church's Big Day on March 7th. It's the anniversary of us moving into our new building, built by New Testament Church Planters, USA. Our goal is to have 300 people. Please pray that we would reach our goal, so that more of our community is reached! We might be staying for the Missions Conference the next week, but we're not sure.
Future projects for us would be Anthony, Kansas (south of Wichita) and Joplin, Missouri. We're not sure of the timing right now. Caleb is looking at plans and making plumbing lists and suggestions. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


crystal.glass@rocketmai.com said...

Your children are amazing, all of them. I'm with Lela, cutting and pasting, she should scrapbook. I do like your blogs...I take time to read them but I don't usually take time to post a comment. MISS my Laura!!! cg

Mrs. Lapp said...

Sounds like things are going well. You do a good job on your blog. Keep it up.

Lindsay said...

Glad to hear the updates - glad all is going well :)