Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Back Home!

We are back home in Mustang, Oklahoma now. We came back for our church's Big Day on the 7th. Our goal was 300 but we had 240, Praise the Lord! We had a lot of visitors and we're hoping to get some good prospects out of the day.
We are now in our Missions Conference and the devil is fighting right and left! First our main speaker found out halfway here that his mom died, so he had to turn around and go to Florida to deal with that. And then, one of the missionary's had put on their schedule to be here April 14th, not March 14th! We only had one Missionary family left. While in Russellville we had met a family to Mexico, the Means, and they were available this week and willing, so they joined us Sunday night.
So far the Conference has been a blessing! We are looking forward to what else the Lord has for our church. Bro. Means called a Missions Conference the "Annual Business Meeting to see how blessed we want our church to be". And it's so true! If a church isn't supporting Missions, they aren't going to grow and the Lord isn't going to bless.
We were surprised and blessed to be presented with two gift baskets Tuesday night and tonight Caleb is able to make a presentation of what we've been doing in Arkansas and preach.
We will be staying in Oklahoma for a while, until we can go to our next project, probably in Anthony, Kansas. Right now that project is expected to start the third week of April.
This Sunday we have a meeting in Ponca City, Oklahoma and one in Sperry, Oklahoma. We also have a meeting in April in Kingman, Kansas.
Please pray that we are able to raise some more support! I hope to be able to update this more often than I have been.

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