Monday, April 19, 2010

Anthony, Kansas

Well here we are in Anthony, Kansas! Caleb considers this "home", because he was born here and then graduated from high school here, even though in between those times he lived all over western Kansas!

Caleb started doing the ground-in plumbing today, and the concrete will get poured on Saturday. The church is very exciting to get started on the construction, and things seem to be going smoothly.

Caleb was able to get a Bond so that he could pull permits. Bro. Newkirk seems to think it went well because Caleb is a graduate of the High School here!

The family is doing well, we are so excited for Spring to be here and we love being parked right next to the job site! The kids are loving playing outside.

As I said in my last update, we were able to get a bigger, newer trailer! It has been such a blessing and it is so nice to be able to send all four kids to bed in their own beds! And it's also nice to be able to shut the door to their room so they can play, and I can sit on the couch in quiet!

The Lord has been good to us, and has provided for us through other churches. We were given money to get a new laptop, and we also have a new supporting church! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for the prayers!

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