Friday, April 30, 2010

Things are going well here in Anthony. They got the plumbing laid, the concrete poured, and the gas and water hooked up. I think they're starting the framing next week.
We have been busy, going to several meetings in Kansas. We were in Andover, Kansas for a Sunday night; Hillsboro, Kansas the next Sunday night; and this week we're in Attica, Kansas for a Missions Conference! It is such a blessing to be able to present our ministry! I was also able to play the piano at several churches, Caleb was able to sing and preach.
The kids are extremely excited to be almost done with school! Noah has finished all but one of his PACE's, we are waiting for a few more to be delivered so he can be on the same number in all of his subjects. Kayla is doing great in her reading, once she decided she could read, she has been doing great! She reads blends she hasn't learned about. This summer I am thinking about doing things a little differently. I am thinking of doing one subject a day, and making it fun with everyone involved. I'm thinking of doing a math day, science day, history day, and a something else day. I am going to start planning it, if anyone has any ideas!

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