Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Angels are Rejoicing!

For the past year or so Kayla has been talking about getting saved, but she is so goofy that we never knew when she was serious. Plus, she was easily distracted so we never pushed. Lela has been interested for a few months now, but when we would ask her about it she would say she "didn't understand yet" so once again, we'd let it go.
This morning I opened "Call To Glory", a Baptist devotion book, to see what the subject was about (sometimes they're not appropriate for kids) and saw that it was about Salvation. I just knew that Kayla would get saved because of it! The devil was really fighting; the phone rang twice while I was reading, Noah couldn't pronounce half of the words in the passage and got mad when I said I would read it, Anna was flinging water all over everyone from her cup, and the girls were more interested in giggling than listening. I had to really fight the urge to give up and just start school!
We got through the devotion which was about Paul talking to Felix about the Lord, and I asked Kayla what she thought about the lesson. She said that everyone has to be saved or they won't go to Heaven. Lela was raising her hand so I asked her what she thought, she said, "Last night when we were praying (prayer meeting at church) I was crying because I knew I needed to get saved but I was too scared." That hit me like a ton of bricks! I didn't notice her crying. So we talked about it and both girls said they wanted to be saved right then! I made sure they understood that they were sinners, that they couldn't go to Heaven because of that sin, and that Jesus died on the cross so they could go to Heaven instead of Hell!
So I texted Caleb and asked him to come home, and he rushed over to the trailer. We talked to the girls and then I took Lela into our bedroom and Caleb stayed in the Living Room and talked to Kayla. They both asked the Lord to save them! Lela was so sweet, I told her what to pray and she repeated and was crying! She was so happy. Kayla was giggly and happy as always and was jumping around the trailer singing every song with the word "saved" that she knew!
They of course wanted to tell everyone they know right away so we went from trailer to trailer telling everyone and then made about twenty phone calls!! It was so sweet to hear them tell what happened and to see their excited little faces. And what a burden that was lifted for Caleb and me! To know that all four of our children will go to Heaven with us is a better feeling that I ever imagined. I am ready for the Lord to come back, before Anna is old enough to understand!!!

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