Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watch out, Dorothy!

Being in Kansas during tornado season certainly is testing our faith! There have been a few high wind storms and a few rain storms, but yesterday was our first tornado scare! There were storms all the way up through Oklahoma and Kansas and we were waiting all day to see if one would come near us. Thankfully, the Lord saw fit to have the storms go around us and the worst we got was some thunder! Praise the Lord!
There are quite a few families here now (6 in total) and the walls are going up fast! They took yesterday (Monday) off because of the threat of storms and it was misting and cold. But today it is sunny and they've been working hard!
We are going home for a few days starting tomorrow. We have dentist, doctor and eye appointments all set up. Plus, our little Kayla is graduating Kindergarten on Thursday!! She is so excited and she's getting a special haircut tonight to celebrate. I'm so proud of her, she's been working hard and is doing great. Today she read "neck" today without having to sound it out! And the phrase "Can Jill wink?" We were excited.
I have a silly little prayer request, if you could keep it in mind. Doing laundry is getting to be quite a chore, and we need to find a solution. The only laundromat here in Anthony is small (two washers, two dryers) and to wash clothes there I have to spend 4 hours in a tiny room with all four kids, or go back and forth all day which is quite tiring. There is a laundromat in Harper (15 minutes away) but it is really expensive ($2 to wash, $2 to dry) and it only has four working dryers, so once again, I'd be spending a long time there. The only other options are to either do drop-off service which charges by the pound, or to buy a washer/dryer combo so I could do laundry here. Because of space I need to do laundry every 5-7 days and it is very hard to spend an entire morning or afternoon at a laundromat or going back and forth to one. A washer/dryer combo would probably be best but they're around $1000. and we don't have that kind of money! If you could please pray that we could come up with a solution that works best for everyone I would appreciate it! Anyone that has done laundry at a laundromat would understand my problem!
Kayla lost a tooth today, with a little help from Daddy! Now she says the one next to it is loose. We are keeping the teeth in a jar!
On a closing note, anyone have any advice for getting a 10 month old to eat more than avacadoes, bananas and Gerber chicken sticks? She absolutely will not eat anything else!

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