Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting ready for baby!

We made it back to Mustang, Oklahoma safely on Monday. We were going to come back Tuesday but decided that since the baby has dropped, and my contractions are still going, that it would be better to come back earlier, even if it was just one day!
This week we're busy with doctor appointments and church activities but we're also trying to get the trailer cleaned out so we can bring in baby stuff. Babies are small, but they require a lot of stuff! Caleb is making a crib that will fit in the corner of our bedroom. It will have two shelves on the bottom and the crib part will be removeable. That way when she is old enough to sleep in the room with the kids, we can put the crib part on Anna's bed and she will be contained, but Anna won't be restricted. It was an ingenious plan created by me, designed by both of us, and built by Caleb! I will post pictures when he's done. We were able to find some really cute baskets on sale to put on the shelves so that when we travel everything doesn't fall everywhere and have to be refolded.
When we left Anthony, the bathrooms had been tiled but still needed to be grouted. The foyer tile was starting to be laid and they were able to even out most of the ground. Caleb will be going back for a few days a week to help out, probably starting next week depending on what the baby decides!
My 36 week appointment is Thursday so we will see what the doctor says about how far away she thinks I am from delivering. I don't think baby will wait more than two more weeks, I think she's ready to come out! We will keep everyone updated.
I was able to send out our prayer letters after problems with ink cartidges! Long story. So look for them in the mail. If you don't receive our prayer letter and you would like to, please email your church's name and address to me at I have also made a facebook page for our ministry, where I will post updates and pictures. If you are on facebook you can follow us by going to this page and clicking the "Follow" button. You can also suggest our page to other friends that might be interested in hearing about our ministry!

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