Monday, January 24, 2011

Well there's not much to update this week. I had my doctor's appointment on Friday and it went well, the Doctor said I could go at any time, so we're just waiting! The baby is abou 5 1/2 lbs so she's still little. I wouldn't mind waiting until the beginning on February to have her, give her a few more days to bake.
We toured the hospital where I'm set to deliver and it's really nice! St. Anthony recently updated their Labor and Delivery section and it's really classy. Almost looks like a hotel! Caleb and I were very impressed and relieved that it's such a nice facility. Since I got a new doctor for this pregnancy, I also got a new hospital!
We were able to pick up our Master CD that we recorded at the end of November. There are a few issues we need to work out but it sounds so good! I know it will be a blessing to people. I was nervous to listen because I knew I would hear all of my mistakes, even if I made them or not. But it wasn't bad. There are 12 songs; 7 that Caleb sing and 5 that the Quartet sings.
Caleb has been very busy since we've gotten back. Last time we were here the empty trailer in the lot next to us burned to the ground. The owner said that Caleb and Josh could take as much metal from it that they wanted, so they were able to take most of the frame to the junkyard and make a small profit. He has also been busy building a shelf/crib that I designed. It's starting to look really nice and just like I imagined! It will fit in our bedroom in the corner. The top (crib) will be removeable so that when she's old enough to not need to be in our room, we can put it on one/half of Anna's bed and she'll still be in a "crib" so she won't roll off or climb out, but Anna won't be restricted.
It's been good to be back but for some reason we always forget how busy a church our size is! And then you add to that doctor appointments and things you need to do when you're home, and we've been busy. But busy is good!

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Kendra said...

I think you should have her on the 2nd! =)