Friday, July 29, 2011

July Update

July has been a slow but fast month for us. We arrived at my (Laura's) parent's farm on June 25th and our plan was to stay there for a week or so to rest and then go to Omaha to start working at West Omaha Baptist Church's new location. Unfortunately they are having problems getting plans approved to be able to pull permits to start work, so we ended up staying in Iowa for 3 weeks. It was very nice to be able to rest, relax, and enjoy the country air! The kids had a blast swimming, playing outside, and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa.
Eventually though, Caleb got antsy and he wanted to start some work. So on July 22nd we packed up our trailer and we moved out to Omaha. We're in West Omaha (Millard) which is a nice neighborhood, but it's still in the middle of a huge city so it's a lot different than small town Kansas! Please pray for our safety. We are parked behind the shopping center where WOBC has their new rental property.
We're having fun seeing my sister Sarah and her boys and spending time with them. We've also gotten to see some friends we don't get to see very often, people I knew growing up. We were able to visit a few churches and give ministry updates. We wanted to go further up North but because of the flood, most of the highways to go that way are shut down. It would take sometimes 3x as long to go one way. Maybe before we leave the flood will rescind and we can make our way up to Sioux City or Sioux Falls.
It looks like we will be here in Omaha up to September. Our Pastor wants us to come home for our church's revival which is the second week of September so we will probably stay until then.

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