Friday, September 23, 2011

September Update!

The work here in Omaha has been trying to say the least. They have encountered problem after problem, but God is still blessing and the work is progressing.
We went home for our church's 10th Anniversary and Revival and we had a great time! The preaching was wonderful and God really spoke to hearts. Caleb's brother Josh took a Pastorate in Bellingham, WA so that week we also said goodbye to their family. Our church hired the Skinner family to work with the youth, Bro. Skinner is in his 3rd year at Heartland Baptist Bible College and they will fit in nicely with our church.
One of the problems with the project here at WOBC was that the city required them to use metal studs for their walls instead of the wood walls they already had up. The new studs are up, most of the drywall is up, and the walls are textured and painted. Some flooring has been put in also.
Caleb was able to get all of the rough-in plumbing in and the sewer inspection passed but because of some miscommunication about code regulations on copper pipe size, the water lines did not pass.
Please pray that the rest of the work can get done, they have to be out of their building on Sept. 30th and their dedication service in their new building is Oct. 2nd.

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