Saturday, June 12, 2010

I didn't realize it had been so long since I had updated! The work in Anthony is going well. They got all of the trusses up (I believe) and are finishing up the sheeting. It seems the process is very slow, but there are so many little things to do, that it takes a while to see progress.
We are in Oklahoma for a week. Anna is turning one year old on Wednesday so we came home to have a party for her and also because Noah and Lela have dentist appointments. They have cavities! AH! I am nervous for them, but I'm trying not to show it! I didn't get cavities much as a kid, the first one I got I believe I was close to the age of 10, and I remember it being a little bit traumatic! But I'm hoping it isn't so bad for them. The dentist we had as a kid is a little bit of a legend in our family; a bad legend. The kids' dentist, however, is very kind and gentle so I'm sure it will be fine. Since finding the cavities the kids have been very faithful to brush, floss and rinse. I'm so proud of them!
There isn't much else going on with our family. We are trying to plan a trip to Iowa to see my family and spend time at "the farm". But since Caleb doesn't really know when the plumbing will need to be done, it's hard to plan. Plus we are trying to work around my mom's work schedule. The kids and I might just go by ourselves so Caleb can keep working.
Anna is starting to walk now and she is so proud of herself! She hasn't gotten the hang on regaining her balance, she just kind of sets off until she can't walk anymore! It's quite humorous. And then she will look around to see who was watching and see if she can get some praise!
One of these weeks I'm going to start summer school with the kids, it just hasn't worked out yet! I'm still considering switching curriculum this fall, but we're waiting to see what exactly it will cost.
Caleb turned the big 3-0 on the 7th! He is now "old" as we all that are younger like to remind him. We were able to go out on a date without ANY of the kids, including Anna! The Pastor and his wife, David and Holly Newkirk, watched the kids so we could go. It was such a blessing to be able to leave them with people we could trust! I was a little panicked at first, I wasn't sure how Anna would do without me for so long, but we both survived with no problems.
Please pray for the men as they work! It is terribly hot and humid and they are on the roof. We've already had one man who had to go to the doctor for dehydration.

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