Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wow! This has been a long week! We came to Oklahoma with few plans; only to have Anna's birthday party, and for Noah and Lela to go to the dentist. Shortly after we got here, however, plans changed! A very loving and giving family in our church has been letting us "live" in a house on their property. We have had our stuff there and lived there when we were back in town, for 1 1/2 years now. We knew they were going to try to rent the house and that we would need to move our stuff out, little did we know we would need to do it this week! So our short vacation turned into a longer working-vacation. Thankfully Caleb and I were able to pack Thursday and Friday without the kids, and then Saturday the kids helped us pick up trash, sweep and vacuum. They were such good helps that we got it done in only two hours! We got all of our stuff seperated into four categories; pack in storage, keep in trailer, sell in garage sale, and throw away! We thought we would find a "few" things to sell and we ended up filling half of Caleb's parents' garage!

I made Anna a little cake for her party and she loved it! She must have been watching a few dogs to get some pointers on the best way to eat, because she dove in head first! It was too cute. She is really walking now and prefers to walk over crawling, except for if she loses her balance.

We are headed back to Anthony, Kansas tomorrow and Caleb will return back to work. We had a wonderful time home and really enjoyed seeing family and church family. We probably won't be home again until September, unless we need to come home for another reason. But otherwise, we won't be back until our church's anniversary.

God is good!!!

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