Saturday, February 12, 2011

We have been inundated with snow here in Oklahoma! The first of February brought a blizzard-like snow (being from Nebraska I can't bring myself to call it a blizzard, but it was windy!). We were doing fine in our trailer keeping warm, but our water pump froze because the heater we had in the undercarriage stopped working. So we stayed at Caleb's parents house to wait out the storm. Then we got another storm the next week! Thankfully that one wasn't as bad and we were able to come back to our trailer on the 10th.
My mom is visiting us for the weekend. She hasn't been able to visit in a few years because of us travelling and her work schedule. So we are very happy to have her here for a few days! There's nothing like having your mom around, no matter how old you get and how many kids you have yourself!
I wish I would've had a new granddaughter to share with her, but this little baby is being pretty stubborn and biding her time! My due date is the 14th and if I don't have her then I will be induced on the 15th, very early in the morning. So either way, I will have a baby soon! My mom is supposed to be leaving that day but she just has to make it to Wichita that evening, so hopefully she'll be able to see and hold the new baby before she has to leave.
Caleb has been busy helping members of the church do small repairs, fix leaks and help out however he can. He feels that since the church provides so much for us, that when we're home he tries to do as much as possible. Sometimes people pay him, or give us food, but he doesn't do it to make a profit, he just wants to help out the people who faithfully support us month after month! We have an amazing supporting church, we are so thankful for everyone!
I will post as soon as I can when I have the baby!

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