Friday, February 25, 2011

It's been an exciting week at our home since the baby was born! Elsa is doing great, eating well, sleeping well, and already growing. She's adjusted into our little family just fine and the kids all love her. We were worried about how Anna would react to having another baby in the house but she seems to be doing fine. She wants to be held a little bit more than she did before but that's probably normal! She loves baby "Delsda" and likes to play with her long toes.
When we were in Anthony last we got backed into in the McDonald's parking lot and we were finally able to get the van into the shop to be fixed. We were given a fancy 2011 Dodge Caravan to drive around for the week and I think we've been spoiled! It has all of the bells and whistles, except a DVD player for which Noah was upset. But it has automatic sliding doors, a rear bumper camera, satellite radio, and lots of other cool things we didn't get to explore yet. It's been fun driving it around.
As most of you probably know, Anna walks pigeon-toed and after months of waiting we finally got her into an orthopedic doctor. He said her tibias (bone between the knee and ankle) are twisted and that's what is causing it. He said that there's nothing we can do, just wait for them to straighten out on their own. So that was good news that they don't want to do surgery or put braces on her, but a little frustrating that there's nothing we can do! We just have to pray that they straighten out quickly.
Starting Monday we all started feeling pretty sick; Kayla first, then Anna, then Caleb and me, then Noah and Lela, then Anna again, and now Caleb again. Hopefully we can get rid of this thing! Because I got so sick I'm having a few post-partum issues but nothing too serious, I just need to rest for extra time. We are all thankful for the nutrition supplements that we take, we really believe that they help us not stay sick for as long as other people. They're not miracle pills and we still get sick, but it's never as bad as it's supposed to be and we usually only get one or two of the symptoms, not all of it!
Thursday morning Caleb went to Anthony, KS planning on working for a few days and coming home on Saturday. But because I started having issues and had to make a trip to the ER, he decided to come home and try to go next week. We will more than likely be going back to Anthony in April to help finish up the church and get them in their new building. It will be nice to be back, we fell in love with the people and the little town!
Those are just a few of the exciting things that have happened in the last 10 days! Life sure can be exciting sometimes.

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