Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm a planner. I admit it! I like to have a list, I like to have a plan, I like to know what is going to happen, and when it's going to happen. I wasn't always like this. In high school and then before I got married I was very flexible, I went with the flow. I didn't keep a planner for school, and I never wrote down when my games were or when events were going to happen. I could always handle deadlines without even really trying. I had a pretty busy life in high school between playing sports, working full-time, taking college classes and staying involved in church ministries.
But since having kids, and then having more and more kids, I have gotten a lot less flexible and a lot more structured! I guess it just comes with the job, but sometimes I really have to control my planning beast!
We didn't do any school in February. The beginning of the month was busy with the snowstorms, living with Caleb's parents, and waiting day by day for baby Elsa to come. And then the second half of the month was busy with a newborn, appointments, and lots things happening.
So my goal was to start March with a bang! and get serious about school. I planned the first two weeks of March and changed things up a little bit to start fresh, and then I sabotaged my own plan! Caleb was planning on going to Anthony, KS Thursday night through Saturday afternoon and I was joking with him that he should take the laundry and do it while he's working at the church, since the church installed a washer and dryer for us while we were there. He flippantly said "Or you could come and do the laundry while I work!" He was joking but I thought it was an awesome idea!
So I finagled and convinced him of his wisdom and forethought, and here I sit in Anthony, KS! We dropped the 4 kids off at Andrea and Matt's house and Elsa and I rode along with Caleb to Anthony. Honestly, driving into Anthony it felt like we were home. Probably because we've spent most of the past year here and it doesn't take long for a small town to feel like home. Thursday night they were having a Church Work Night and it was so great to show off my new baby to everyone.
I guess this means that I'm a little more flexible than I give myself credit for. Although I was freaking out just a little bit about how I was going to catch the kids up in their school. One week into school and we're already behind. Oh boy! But it will work out. I hope.

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