Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Caleb and I decided a long time ago not to hold onto earthly possesions and to see "things" as disposable. I think lately God has been testing that decision! With our tax return we were able to get a lot of things fixed on the van we bought in November. We found out there was a huge hole in the vent hose from the engine to the air vents, and that's what was causing the horrible engine/exhaust smell when we had the vents on. We were able to get that fixed, get a tune up and all of that other car stuff you're supposed to do regularly. We also got new tires, all five! Our next step was to see about getting the front fender fixed where Caleb ran into a pole.
On Thursday we were out running errands and enjoying the unusual, very warm (90*!) weather when Caleb noticed we were leaking a lot of transmission fluid. He ran it over to the body shop and they said that we blew the seal, probably from the sudden heat, and it would cost $1800 to fix it.
We were confident the Lord would provide since He gave us the van to start with, and it was our only vehicle that fit all of us. This was definitely a need that God could handle! We borrowed the church's 15 passenger van and Caleb called a few Pastors to see if we could raise some money. On Sunday we found out that a family in our church had given their minivan to the church. They had been trying to sell it and just decided to give it to the church to use how it saw fit. So Pastor told us we could have the van, sell the van to get our Ford fixed, or not take the van at all. We prayed about it and discussed options all weekend. After talking to the Pastor extensively and considering all options, we have decided to keep the 2004 Kia Sedona and give the Ford to the church to use how it sees fit. Caleb called the Pastors back and we are going to use the money that is still sent to get tags and switch everything over, and whatever is left will go toward fixig the Ford van.
Sometimes God provides in the most bizarre ways! But He always provides!
Also, we got our final Master CD and will be sending it tomorrow to get copied, printed, and wrapped. For information about the CD, please visit http://lighthousebaptistmusic.weebly.com/

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