Friday, March 18, 2011

March is about half over and it seems like it just started! School has been going well.
After we got our tax return I got to do my favorite thing: online shopping!! I went a little crazy buying school stuff for next year. It's all starting to come in and the kids want to ditch this year's school and start on next year's. I am going to start Lela on Kindergarten though, since she's sick of doing the preschool and kindergarten workbooks we've been buying for her.
Elsa is growing and now everyone agrees that she looks like Lela! So I might have another mini-me running around here. She's also starting to look at noises and try to focus on faces. She's outgrowing newborn clothes but she's still to scrunched up to wear 0-3 months, she ends up being a ball stuck in the middle!
The greatest news of all is that Kayla does not need to wear a patch anymore on her eye! She's been patching to help fix amblyopia (lazy eye) for three years now. The doctor said her eye stays stable with glasses on so the patch did its job.
Our plan is to leave for Anthony, KS on April 1st and stay as long as we're needed. We aren't sure of where we'll be going next, there are a few possibilities.

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